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Documentary 39m 2021

As terras, na alentejana serra de Serpa, eram distribuídas à sorte. E também à sorte - dos elementos - vivem aqueles que trabalham o campo. À incerteza da agricultura opõem-se as quadras certeiras da poesia popular. Sortes mostra-nos a paisagem que fica e as gentes que se vão, levando consigo todo o saber de gerações. Sobram os ecos distantes desses cantares..

The land in the Serpa hills of Alentejo was given out at random. And those who work in the fields live by the luck of the elements. The uncertainty of agriculture is opposed to the precise words of popular poetry. Sortes shows us the landscape that remains and the people that leave it, taking with them the knowledge of generations. What remains are the distant echoes of these songs…




English, Português


Portugal, Germany